The online convention that's an epidemic!

3rd-5th July 2020

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About Quara-Con


Hi everyone! Since all of the conventions are getting cancelled We thought of everyone coming  together online and celebrate the anime, games, cosplay, etc. that we love. So we're thinking quarantine convention! If nothing else it will be a good way for us to have fun. Maybe even help anybody with con depression. We'll be using video chat for panel rooms. Looking for panel hosts and panel ideas.  -Ricky Bonzai (first anime: Vampire Hunter D)

Event Schedule

The schedule will be built as we go. I'm looking for people to host online panels about whatever they're passionate about. The schedule will grow and is subject to change as more panelists join. I'll build the schedule on this page with links to join the video chat panel rooms. Maybe if we make this big enough we'll be able to get a JRock band to join through live stream!

Quara-Con Dates

Quara-Con will take place on July 4th weekend and for all fandoms! The bigger the community that joins the more panels and events we can host. I would love to find someone to stream AMVs. Artists and dealers can be included by a page that links to their merch. Family friendly con, no 18+ panels or events since we cannot verify age. Sorry hentai fans.